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Chrysler Super Stretch 300c - 12 seater Limousine

This is the only modern super stretch 12 seater available in the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Byron Bay region. With a stunning bar presented when seated, filled with refreshments on ice, this car is the perfect choice when you have multiple people to cater for. Bluetooth connection available for your own entertainment, with a sound system that is sure to put everyone is the happiest vibe for a big day.  

Lamborghini Huracan

Recognizable from it's first site (or sound),  arriving in a Lamborghini is the up most entrance statement and remains unrivaled in the suite of exotic cars. The adrenaline will remain high even after turning off the engine!

Rolls Royce Ghost

Our Rolls Royce Ghost 2012 is the perfect fit for comfort and class. The hardtop roof and four doors provide easy access, finished with a luxurious leather cream interior and heated seating, it's the perfect fit for four guests to arrive in style. 

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